About Us

VELOCITY Box Office is the exclusive outlet for tickets to live, interactive broadcast events produced by VELOCITY World Media, the largest global, private experiential television network.

Through VELOCITY Box Office, fans buy tickets to one-of-a-kind live events, including interactive FIRST SPIN concerts and album release parties featuring the world’s top recording artists; the ICON Speaker Series featuring bestselling authors and other thought leaders; the Fantasy Experience with top sports and Wall Street analysts; the Culinary Experience hosted by brilliant chefs and winemakers; and LUXE Auctions, where luxury buying lights up the big screen.

VELOCITY Box Office events are live and interactive. Audience interactivity is produced in real time via VELOCITY’s exclusive Mind Over Matter technology suite, which enables viewers to interact with performers and become part of the show. Audiences steer the broadcast by asking questions and making comments live on the air.

These private, all-access broadcast events are delivered exclusively via EchoStar satellite and viewed in VELOCITY HD Digital Suites at some of the nation’s top restaurants and clubs – Morton’s The Steakhouse, Maggiano’s Little Italy and the private clubs of ClubCorp. Many are also broadcast to select movie theaters around the world.