A Window to the World

The world has never known an entertainment experience as immersive as the VELOCITY HD ExperienceSM – where music, fashion, books, culinary arts, sports, and auctions live and breathe in High-Definition.

The VELOCITY HD Experience is a live, private broadcast event focused on the artists and ideas that matter to you – events where trends are set and pop culture responds. Get an early look at the next big thing, and stay at the head of the line. VELOCITY gives you a front-row seat, a backstage pass, a red-carpet entrance to events of the moment. Events of a lifetime.

From CD release parties to fantasy sports clinics, the VELOCITY HD Experience is the ultimate ticket for up-close VIP access to the styles you want to see, the performers you want to hear, the sports you want to follow.

VELOCITY provides viewers with the ultimate HD experience featuring the highest signal quality available. VELOCITY controls the quality from production to presentation.

VELOCITY HD Digital Suites®

VELOCITY HD Digital Suites® are multimedia screening rooms at Morton’s The Steakhouse, Maggiano’s Little Italy, and Club Corp locations worldwide. The advanced theater-style suites immerse audiences with live, private High-Definition experiential events that features insightful, creative and poignant entertainment.

VELOCITY Theater Network

Shifting from screening room to the big screen, the VELOCITY Theater Network delivers unparalleled High-Definition programming into multiplexes nationwide, providing access to up to 580 digital theaters with 250 seats equipped with 40-foot screens and 5.1 cinema surround sound.