Hot, Hot, Haute

Out of the frying pan and into the fire, the Culinary ExperienceSM is a recipe for extreme interactive entertainment.

Get cooking with intimate access to superstar chefs at a VELOCITY HD Digital Suite featured in a top dining venue near you – exclusively through VELOCITY Box Office.

Part show, part tasting… all experience.

Learn cooking tips from the most accomplished chefs in the world. Get tasting notes from the greatest winemakers in America, Australia and Europe. Hear their stories. Watch their techniques. Taste the results.

From rock & roll chefs to the grapevines of Napa Valley, the Culinary Experience has all of the ingredients to create a delicious spectacle for fans to feast upon.

Experience premium wines as the vintners offer tasting notes, explore growing conditions and reveal their inspiration.

Learn the signature recipe of a master chef – a dish specially prepared for heads of state at a monumental gathering.

This is the experience of a lifetime.

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“…all 3,000 dinner guests spread throughout Morton’s restaurants nationwide were experiencing the same food and wine pairing at the exact same time… the opportunities are endless, especially for the wine industry.”

Orlando Sentinel
“This groundbreaking event brings the third and fourth generations of the Mondavi family together to celebrate the family's more than 90 years of making fine wines.”

“…believed to be the largest virtual wine event ever held in celebration of a legendary wine blend.”